Aeyon Secures Automation Contract for US Army IVAS Program

Virginia-based Aeyon has received an $18.5-million contract to deliver robotic process automation services for the US Army’s Project Manager Integrated Visual Augmentation System (PM IVAS) program.

The automated solutions will free resources to prioritize high-value operations related to the program.

It will provide IVAS project leaders with enhanced technological delivery, quick data access, efficient processes, and improved cost generation.

‘Realistic Automation’

Under the five-year agreement, Aeyon will leverage processes constructed and trialed under its Robotic Operations Center of Excellence.

The processes include “ideation, governance, and management” applications to bolster the intelligence automation capability of customers.

Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS). Photo: Army Futures Command

For the US Army, the processes will focus on use cases such as data gathering for PM IVAS product supply, demand and tracking, equipment training, reporting and analysis, and project management activities.

“Our success in intelligent automation and track record supporting PM IVAS with data analytics and business intelligence positions Aeyon to deliver comprehensive and operationally realistic automations,” Aeyon Chief Growth Officer Pat Collins stated.

“This contract is precisely the type of opportunity our Centers of Excellence are built for: combining innovative solutions with subject matter experts’ knowledge base to create forward-thinking, best-value automated solutions and, importantly, demonstrates a proven approach that can scale up and down to meet services’ needs from the PdM (product manager) to the PEO (Program Executive Office).”

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