Atlas Elektronik Delivers Final Support Vessel for British Military Divers

The UK Royal Navy Diving and Threat Exploitation Group has received its sixth and final support vessel under the Vahana Workboat program.

The delivery completes a five-year, 51-million-pound ($61 million) contract awarded to Dorset-based Atlas Elektronik in 2017.

The contract has sustained 15 jobs in the company and 45 in partner supply chains.

The Vahana Workboat program will also complete 35 new vessels for the navy.

New Diving Support Fleet

According to the Royal Navy, the 15-meter (49 feet) boats will replace older diving support workboats in service since the 1990s.

The new fleet was built with improved range, speed, and navigational capability.

One of the six boats now operates in Gibraltar, while two are based at the UK Defence Dive School in Portsmouth.

The remaining vessels are deployed with UK Fleet Diving Units in Scotland and Plymouth.

“It is great news to see the six dive support boats delivered to the Royal Navy and reach full operating capability,” UK Defence Equipment and Support Boats Team Project Manager James Melia stated.

“The vessels offer a significantly updated and upgraded maritime platform from which Royal Navy personnel can conduct their duties.”

“They enable movement from analogue to digital capability with a major update to the command, control and navigation system.”

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