Babcock Collaborates With ELTA to Provide Radar Solution for UK

Babcock International has signed a memorandum of understanding with Israel Aerospace Industries subsidiary ELTA Systems to develop a radar solution for the UK Ministry of Defence Project SERPENS.

SERPENS, the official next-generation weapon locating system of the British government, is digitally networked for sensing hostile weapons, including rockets, mortars, and other artillery.

ELTA offers the Compact Multi-Mission Radar, a deep-find air defense and artillery weapon locator. It can calculate impacts and launching points in real-time and works through a 3D-active electronically-steered array antenna technology.

IAI-ELTA signs MOU with Babcock. Photo: Babcock International

In the collaboration, ELTA and Babcock “will boost sovereign radar experience and expertise,” providing Babcock with the “opportunity to further prove its system integration and through life support pedigree while also developing its radar assembly and maintenance expertise.”

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with IAI-ELTA to provide a deep find radar solution for the UK Ministry of Defence’s SERPENS programme,” said Babcock Chief Technology Officer Dr. Richard Drake.

“Babcock is proud to provide class-leading technology to our customers and with IAI-ELTA’s battle proven C-MMR system, we have a capable, affordable and available solution.”

“This agreement between IAI and Babcock demonstrates our commitment to the UK,” added IAI UK Managing Director Ronald Cook.

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