The US Army has awarded BAE Systems a $383-million deal to provide engineering and logistics services for the army’s Bradley Fighting Vehicles and M993 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems. 

The five-year contract secures the mission readiness of M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle and M7 Bradley Fire Support Team (BFIST) variants and M993 launchers through BAE’s sustainment support services.

“Equipping our men and women on the front lines with proven combat capabilities positions them to be unmatched in battle,” BAE Vice President Scott Davis said.

“We are proud to continue our partnership with the US Army to ensure the Bradley and M993 MLRS are prepared to support mission readiness.”

‘Combat-Proven Platform’

BAE’s Bradley Fighting Vehicles are an integral part of the US Army’s Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT).

The vehicles are equipped with digitized electronics to enable optimum situational awareness, enhanced network connectivity, and communication within the ABCT. 

“Over the life of the Bradley program, there have been several survivability upgrades, including installation of underbelly protection and the Bradley Urban Survivability Kits, further enhancing the safety of one of the most survivable vehicles in the fleet,” BAE Systems stated.

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