Bangladesh Navy Taps Vard Marine to Design New Landing Craft Tank

Canadian engineering firm Vard Marine has been awarded a contract to design Bangladesh Navy’s new landing craft tank (LCT).

The ship design will be based on the company’s 7 507 landing craft series and meet wartime and peacetime requirements.

Additionally, the LCT will be suitable for amphibious operations, including transporting military personnel, tanks, equipment, and supplies in Bangladesh’s coastal areas.

It could also conduct peacetime missions such as transporting people and goods for humanitarian and disaster relief.

“The unique requirements of this design presented Vard Marine Inc. an opportunity to demonstrate our versatility and exercise the full range of expertise within our design team to create a technically superior and cost-effective solution,” Vard Marine President Wade Carson said.

“We very much look forward to working with our new partners at Khulna Shipyards to bring this vital capability to the Bangladesh Navy.”

Once the design is complete, Vard Marine will coordinate with local firm Khulna Shipyard to manufacture the LTC.

‘A Shipbuilding Milestone’

Vard’s family of LCTs is designed to support naval forces’ special maritime operations and exclusive economic zone patrols.

The vessels can travel at up to 16 knots (29 kilometers/18 miles per hour).

They are equipped with a fast response craft to facilitate boarding operations and provide rapid crew evacuation in emergencies.

It also has a landing deck that can accommodate a 13-ton helicopter.

“It is really a milestone event in the shipbuilding history of the country. These landing craft tanks will be constructed with the design and technical assistance of VARD Marine Inc, Canada, one of the renowned ship design houses in the world,” an official from Khulna Shipyard said.

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“Inception of these vessels is surely going to augment the overall operational capability of the Bangladesh Navy.”