Canada to Create New Space Division for ‘Tomorrow’s Threats’

The Canadian Air Force plans to reorganize its existing space-focused unit and form a new space division to help the country address “tomorrow’s threats.”

Headed by Brig. Gen. Mike Adamson, the unit will be known as 3 Canadian Space Division and focus on “extraterrestrial matters.”

The goal of the unit will be to improve the nation’s space-based capabilities, crucial in delivering enhanced communications, navigation, command and control, and situational awareness to the military.

The division will also support missions such as search and rescue, monitoring Canada’s maritime approaches, and enhancing the military’s decision-making in overseas operations.

Additionally, the 3 Canadian Space Division will help protect Canada’s critical infrastructure from space as some countries continue to bolster their jamming capability against enemy forces.

The division will employ around 175 people over the next few years, doubling the workforce of the present space-dedicated unit.

‘A Critical Domain’

Canadian Minister of National Defence Anita Anand described space as a “critical domain” in an increasingly complex international security environment.

She said establishing a new space division marks an “important step” in Canada’s plans to build an innovative military that can anticipate and immediately act on evolving threats.

Royal Canadian Air Force Commander Al Meinzinger seconded Anand’s statement, saying that the space domain is essential in guiding day-to-day military operations.

“The establishment of 3 Canadian Space Division enables the Royal Canadian Air Force to ensure we have the right organizational structure to continually deliver spaced-based effects while also ensuring we are aligned with our allies who have established similar Space Commands,” he explained.

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Canada’s new space division will welcome the 7 Space Operations Squadron and 7 Operations Support Squadron tasked to provide space-based data supporting air force missions.