Czech Republic to Deliver Aero L-39NG Flight Simulators to Hungary

Czech aircraft company Aero Vodochody has announced the delivery of a ground-based simulation training system for its Aero L-39NG jet trainers ordered by Hungary.

The project supports the “seamless retraining” program for Hungarian pilots to operate the future L-39NG fleet.

The aircraft manufacturer has contracted the delivery of the simulation system to the training solutions firm VR Group, a subsidiary of state-run enterprise LOM PRAHA.

The ground-based training system will be vital in introducing jet trainers to the Hungarian Air Force. It will include a set of effective simulation tools and related equipment for the airmen to familiarize themselves with the capability.

“This will provide long-term support to the Hungarian Air Force’s training process in the area of individual and group pilot training on L-39NG aircraft,” Aero Vodochody Customer Solutions & Support Senior Director Vít Pavelec said.

Alongside the simulation kit’s main platform, the deal includes a Full Mission Simulator to train pilots in tactics.

“Our main goal is to remove the line between simulation training and flying a real aircraft. We want to make the two phases as close as possible,” VR Group Board Chairman Vít Ryška said.

Aero L-39NG Training Simulator

The ground-based simulator system projects a display onto a spherical surface with a horizontal range of 300 degrees and a vertical range of 120 degrees through a nine-channel system.

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Trainees will experience realistic flight simulations in all weather conditions, even flying at night, with realistic night vision goggles.

The system includes a replica ejection seat and other realistic components to preserve the flight characteristics of the real aircraft.

According to Aero Vodochody, the L-39NG ground simulation training system will be certified according to European regulations at Flight Training Device Level 2.

“In addition, the new L-39NG aircraft designed for full-scale training of modern Air Force pilots have recently received ‘full certification’ and can be registered without restrictions with customers worldwide,” Pavelec explained.

Aero L-39NG ground-based flight simulator. Photo: Aero Vodochody

Hungary’s Future L-39NG Fleet

The Hungarian Defence Forces ordered 12 L-39NG jet trainer aircraft from Aero Vodochody in April 2022, with the first unit to be delivered in 2024.

Eight jets will have a trainer configuration, while four will have a reconnaissance configuration.