The French armament agency has awarded Athea the third phase of the Artemis.IA project. This initiative aims to embed intelligent systems across the communication and information platforms utilized by France’s armed forces.

The company has 100 specialists to industrialize the French military’s defense platform with secure, wide scale digital information processing and solutions. Athea will establish successive standards, training, and support for the agency for three years.

Through the project, the French Ministry of Armed Forces will obtain controlled information sharing and new AI applications.

The modular platform is set for deployment in 2023.

The Artemis.IA platform “will enable France to act autonomously in the areas of intelligence, operations command and in the digital space,” said Philippe Gasc, president of Athea.

Athea is a joint venture of Atos and the Thales Group.

Dominique Luzeaux, Director of the French Defense Digital Agency and Philippe Gasc, President of ATHEA. Photo: Thales Group

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