Future Turkish Amphibious Assault Ship ‘TCG Anadolu’ Undergoes Sea Acceptance Trials

Turkey’s future TCG Anadolu amphibious assault ship has conducted sea trials in the Marmara Sea.

Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar led the tests alongside Turkish Armed Forces officials.

Turkey’s First Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Carrier

The TCG Anadolu is the Turkish Navy’s largest warship and will be its first unmanned aerial vehicle carrier ship.

The vessel is 230 meters (755 feet) long and 32 meters (105 feet) wide.

It can carry 34 helicopters and is planned to include a 30-bed maritime hospital.

“It has a carrying capacity of 94 vehicles. There is also the possibility of transporting armored vehicles, as well as amphibious ships. 700 amphibious personnel are movable on this ship,” Akar told Istanbul-based Star News.

Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar in the TCG Anadolu acceptance trials. Photo: Turkish Ministry of National Defense

Once deployed, the ship will be used to defend against surface and airborne attack in all weather.

“There is a very serious range on this ship, we are at a point to be proud of. This ship is in a position to carry out activities with this ship for 50 days without refueling, without relying on land, without the need for support from land,” Akar added.

Turkey as Ally

Akar emphasized that current developments in Turkish defense such as the TCG Anadolu are demonstrations of Turkey’s reliability as an ally and not to be considered a threat to its neighboring territories.

“As Turkey, we always tell our interlocutors that we are in favor of dialogue and peace, and that we want to solve our problems through negotiations within the framework of good neighborly relations and international law,” Akar said.

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“Turkey is not a threat to anyone. They have to get it in their head over and over again, they have to understand.”