Jankel’s Light Tactical Transport Vehicle Enters Delivery Phase

British vehicle protection developer Jankel has announced the beginning of deliveries for its light tactical transport vehicle (LTTV).

The LTTV project is part of a Belgium Ministry of Defence contract awarded to the firm in 2018 for 199 tactical vehicles.

The beginning of deliveries comes after the completion of preliminary technical acceptance in September 2021 and the production stage later in November.

The company plans to ship 15 LTTVs each month. Belgium’s order is expected to be complete by 2023.

Jankel Operations Director Richard Semmens said, “Throughout the LRIP builds, we have integrated some industry leading production and quality systems tools, which ensure our ramp up in delivery will meet the exacting requirements of the customer.”

Jankel Chairman Andrew Jankel explained, ”Like anyone else in manufacturing (defence or otherwise) will know, there have been some challenges to face through BREXIT, COVID-19 and the Ukraine conflict.”

“I’d particularly like to thank our suppliers for their patience, support and agility and I look forward to delivering the rest of the LTTV programme in the coming months. What we’ve put in place to deliver this programme also puts Jankel in a great position to deliver on future UK vehicle build programmes.”

The Jankel LTTV

The Jankel LTTV was introduced in September 2019 at the DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International) arms fair.

It is based on the UNIMOG, a multipurpose, off-road capable truck manufactured by Mercedes-Benz.

The LTTV features a modular and configurable structure that works with many removable mission modules.

It is fully integrated with military sub-systems, removable ballistic protection kits, communication platforms, weapons mounts, and a Roll-Over-Protection-System similar to roll cages.

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