L3Harris, Vuzix to Collaborate on Military Optics System

American technology firm Vuzix has signed a collaborative agreement with L3Harris Technologies to develop a cutting-edge military optics system.

As part of the deal, Vuzix will develop a customized waveguide-based optics engine prototype to be integrated into L3Harris’ head-mounted systems.

The optics engine will reportedly offer “high brightness, high index waveguide design” suitable for all battlefield conditions.

It will also feature a wide field of view that provides operators with a lightweight, see-through display solution for a clearer picture of the surroundings.

The waveguide-based optics engine prototype is expected to be delivered to L3Harris this year.

Enhancing AR Capabilities

Vuzix explained that the agreement with L3Harris is part of a phased effort to address a broad augmented reality (AR) market for the US and its allies.

L3Harris director Matthew Renzi said that the partnership would further enhance the AR capabilities of its existing technology products.

He also stressed that partnering with Vuzix will ensure that the manufacturing of components “critical to the growth and advancement of our technology” remains firmly rooted in the US.

“L3Harris continues to engage with small-business partners with our focus as an agile technology disruptor,” Renzi remarked. “The unique technologies Vuzix has developed are well matched for our defense applications and will enable expansion of our current product offerings.”

Meanwhile, Vuzix Chief Executive Officer Paul Travers said that the agreement represents “yet another strong vote of confidence” in the company’s capability to develop waveguide optics technologies.

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