Lockheed Opens New Facility for Increased PAC-3 Missile Production

Lockheed Martin has opened its 85,000-square-foot All-Up Round III facility in Arkansas to boost the production capacity of the PAC-3 missile.

The second expansion of Lockheed’s Camden Operations is part of a $142 million investment announced in June 2019.

With the new facility, Lockheed is expecting to raise its production of PAC-3 missiles by 500 per year.

The company’s PAC-3 production has steadily increased since 2018 after a full-rate production decision.

“Lockheed Martin’s Camden Operations is a world-class facility with an exceptional team dedicated to supporting mission success for our customers,” Executive Vice President Scott Greene said.

“We are honored to build on this legacy through the expansion and remain committed to delivering innovative products and solutions for our country and our allied nations.”

‘World’s Most Advanced Missile’

Lockheed’s PAC-3 missiles are considered one of the world’s most advanced air defense weapons.

The combat-ready missile is equipped with a dual-pulse solid rocket motor that allows for enhanced altitude and range.

The PAC-3 features lethal battlespace capability through hit-to-kill technology “to successfully operate in a multi-domain environment.”

“We’re leveraging our demonstrated multi-domain expertise to connect any sensor with any shooter across the services to maximize flexibility, advance command and control at machine speeds and support real-time decision making for the warfighter,” Lockheed states on its website.

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