Oshkosh to Integrate Saab’s Barracuda Camouflage on Tactical Vehicles

Oshkosh Defense has signed a collaborative agreement with Saab to integrate the Barracuda mobile camouflage system onto the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV).

Saab’s Barracuda system enables modern military vehicles to have a low signature and blend in with the surroundings.

It reportedly has multispectral properties and a fully optimized sensor protection system to ensure concealed mobility during combat missions.

The system utilizes cutting-edge technologies to minimize the contrast between vehicles and backgrounds, reducing the chances of sensory detection by up to 90 percent.

The Barracuda camouflage system can be tailored to counter enemy sensors looking for ultraviolet, visual, short-wave infrared, thermal infrared, and radar signatures, according to Saab.

“Working together, we can provide customers with an extraordinarily powerful range of solutions that optimize their ability to engage the enemy and their chances of battlefield success,” company official Niklas Ålund said.

Militaries Being Increasingly Exposed

Ålund asserted that the recent advances in sensor technology reflect that armed forces are becoming more exposed to enemies.

He further stressed that effective signature management has proven essential for all military platforms, especially those used in combat.

“Wherever you go in the world, the battlefield is more transparent than ever before. The number of sensors and the performance of sensors is growing exponentially,” he said.

“To maintain a strategic advantage, armed forces need to invest in signature management.”

Oshkosh’s JLTV

Oshkosh Defense’s JLTV is a 4×4 wheeled vehicle featuring an intelligent, independent suspension system to provide troops with the reliability and performance needed for harsh battlefield environments.

It is equipped with blast-protected seats and an automatic fire protection system to give scalable crew protection.

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It can be transported by land, sea, and air through the CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters.

The JLTV was designed to replace the US Army’s old Humvee 4×4 light tactical vehicles.