Plasan to Provide Armor for UK’s Future Type 26 Frigates

BAE Systems has awarded Plasan a contract to supply composite armor for the UK Royal Navy’s Type 26 Global Combat Ship program.

The second City-class frigate contract, the agreement follows armor integration for HMS Belfast, HMS Cardiff, and HMS Glasgow in 2018.

The new batch to be equipped includes HMS Birmingham, HMS Edinburgh, HMS London, HMS Newcastle, and HMS Sheffield.

According to the Israel-based company, work for the program will follow a similar approach to installation and cost-effective materials used on the first three vessels.

The development will be carried out in partnership with the UK Ministry of Defence’s Design Authority.

UK’s Growing City-Class Fleet

The latest armor contract builds on a 4.2-billion-euro contract to construct five additional Type 26 frigates for the UK Royal Navy.

Once completed, the ships will replace eight Duke-class anti-submarine frigates.

Type 23 Duke-class frigate HMS Somerset. Photo: LPhot Eddie Damulira/UK MoD

The City frigates are expected to provide “increased capability and flexibility,” with larger flight decks, multi-role mission bays, and expanded hangars for manned and unmanned systems.

“Plasan’s world leading armour technology, flexibility and innovation is well suited to the Type 26 approach and has helped to secure this important programme,” a statement from Plasan said.

“The quality and production processes within Plasan underpin the confidence that has been shown in selecting Plasan’s solution also for the follow on orders.”

First Type 26 Frigate

In November, HMS Glasgow made its first surface contact at River Clyde, Scotland.

By 2025, it will be the first Type 26 frigate to enter service with the Royal Navy and sail alongside the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers.

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