Rheinmetall, GM Defense Join Forces in $5B US Army Truck Competition

American Rheinmetall Vehicles (ARV) and GM Defense have agreed to collaborate on the US Army’s $5-billion Common Tactical Truck (CTT) competition.

The newly-forged partnership is expected to combine Rheinmetall’s expertise in high-performance military vehicles with GM Defense’s recent technological investments.

Although the design of the truck has yet to be revealed, ARV said that the two companies would provide a transformational vehicle that can support a variety of military missions.

“GM Defense continues that heritage with the ability to rapidly develop and deploy advanced technologies, bringing an important capability to the American Rheinmetall Vehicles team and our exceptional CTT offering,” ARV managing director Matthew Warnick said.

ARV is a known leader in tactical military truck manufacturing. Its HX family of trucks has been sold to 20 nations, including Germany, Australia, and Sweden.

Army’s CCT Competition

Still in the requirements-definition phase, the US Army’s CCT competition seeks a replacement for the service’s Family of Heavy Tactical Trucks.

The first phase of the competition involves the Army selecting up to five teams to build three prototypes for different missions.

During prototyping, the service wants vendors to consider the vehicle’s adaptability and fuel consumption.

The prototypes will then go through a 1,500-mile (2,414-kilometer) test and soldier-centered evaluation.

Once a winner is selected, the Army is expected to order up to 5,700 CCT vehicles for around $5 billion.

HX3 Proposal

ARV and GM Defense plan to offer the HX3 next-generation of trucks and use them as a “starting point” for a technology-driven collaboration.

The vehicles have an advanced driver assistance system and possess greater power and mobility than previous HX versions.

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The HX3 also features an open architecture, supporting ongoing modernization and capability improvements.

“With American Rheinmetall Vehicles’ HX3 as the starting point, I’m confident that together we will deliver a winning solution that meets or exceeds the Army’s requirements and provides a platform for growth and technology insertion to support our warfighters well into the future,” GM Defense President Steve duMont said.