Rheinmetall to Supply Artillery Shells to Undisclosed NATO Customer

German manufacturing firm Rheinmetall has been awarded a framework contract to deliver 155mm artillery ammunition to an undisclosed NATO customer.

The five-year agreement guarantees the NATO buyer M2005 velocity-enhanced long-range artillery projectiles (V-LAP), M92 modular charges, and various fuses. 

The firm’s South African subsidiary Rheinmetall Denel Munition will serve as the lead contractor for the deal.

“Framework agreements provide long-term ammunition supply assurance and a flexible system for procuring ammunition over the course of a year,” Chief Executive Officer Jan-Patrick Helmsen said.

‘Forefront Of Modern Artillery Technology’

The M2005 V-LAP projectile features “rocket and bleed base technology” that allows for high fragmentation and extended range, putting it at the forefront of modern artillery technology, Rheinmetall said.

The projectile can also intercept soft targets and soft-skinned vehicles while disrupting logistical supply lines beyond the close battlefield.

Consistent with NATO’s standard fuses and Joint Ballistics Memorandum of Understanding modular charge systems, the M2005 projectile can be fired from any compatible 155mm weapon system.

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