Royal Netherlands Army Receives Elbit’s Immersive Warfare Trainer

Elbit Systems has delivered a Command and Staff Trainer capability to the Royal Netherlands Army.

The scalable solution provides immersive training for staff and commanders through support elements beneficial for contemporary multi-domain warfare.

It can hone skills at brigade and battalion levels, modeling critical situations in realistic battle zone territories and Operations Other Than War scenarios.

The system features real-time changes, tactical communication interference, and assets focusing on drones, air defense, weaponry, medical, logistics, and engineering.

The trainer allows multiple groups to participate in the same exercise during joint operation scenarios through its flexible platform.

Realistic Simulator

The Command and Staff Trainer is based on Elbit’s OneSim software, which provides dynamic weather, geo-specific terrain, and thousands of virtual entities that can cater to over a hundred trainees simultaneously.

“The system emulates the realistic flow of information between levels of command and from a range of intelligence, target acquisition and fire functions, enabling complex, joint combat scenarios to be exercised,” a statement from Elbit Systems said.

“In-service tactical communication is simulated with performance realistically impacted by cyber, bandwidth, terrain, weather and other effects.”

“The exercise director can introduce dynamic, on-the-fly changes into the simulation, allowing commanders to test their ability to react and adapt to the challenges of battle.”

The trainer system incorporates an After Action Review and Debrief mode to project synchronized playbacks of an entire exercise, giving trainees insights and better decision-making skills.

In 2020, Elbit provided the Israeli Defense Forces with its Brigade and Battlegroup Combined Arms Mission Training Center, a technology similar to the Command and Staff Trainer.

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