South Korea will participate in a multinational cyber defense exercise led by the US for the first time this year.

Seoul seeks to bolster its cyber cooperation with the US and other allies through its participation in the exercise.

According to South Korean Defense Minister Kang Dae-Sik, the nation will send more than 20 personnel to the cyber exercise, scheduled for this October in Virginia.

Called Cyber Flag, the drill is an annual training event held by the US Cyber Command to enhance the readiness of the US and its allies in identifying and responding to malicious online attacks.

In addition to South Korea, cyber defense units from Canada, France, Sweden, and the UK are expected to participate.

Expanding Cyber Cooperation

South Korea’s decision to participate in the exercise comes after President Yoon Suk-Yeol held a meeting with US President Joe Biden to discuss cybersecurity.

Cooperation with the US would reportedly help the country address evolving technical challenges.

Among these challenges is confronting cyberthreats posed by North Korea.

As part of their cooperation, the two countries will hold a cyber policy consultation twice a year and boost their coordination in cybercrime investigations.

Military personnel performing cyber operations as part of Cyber Flag exercise. Photo: US Army

Joining NATO Cyber Exercise

In addition to participating in Cyber Flag, South Korea also plans to join NATO’s largest annual cyber defense exercise, the Cyber Coalition, next year.

The exercise, initiated by NATO’s Warfare Development Command, aims to strengthen collaboration among participating nations in countering and defending against threats “in and through cyberspace.”

“Our military seeks to enhance cooperation between South Korean and US military authorities and actively participate in multinational exercises to respond to mounting cyberthreats,” Kang told The Korea Herald.

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