Taiwan is delivering armed drones to Ukraine through Poland, Taiwanese outlet CM Media has reported.

Dronevision’s Revolver 860 is a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) rotor drone capable of carrying eight mortars, according to the Taiwan-based manufacturer.

CM Media first revealed the drone’s presence in the Ukraine war, citing a Ukrainian Defense Forces video, claiming that the drone fired a mortar at a Russian soldier wielding a shoulder-fired rocket, knocking him to the ground.

Drone Supply Increasing

The manufacturer revealed that it sold the drones to a Polish buyer and that the unmanned platform was forwarded on to Ukraine.

Citing a company representative, Taiwan News revealed that sales to Poland increased in March and have been steadily increasing. 

Customized Weapons Bay

The Revolver 860 weighs 42 kilograms (92.60 pounds) and can fly for 40 minutes up to 20 kilometers (12. 43 miles) with a full payload, according to the manufacturer. 

Although the drone’s weapons bay is designed to carry eight 60mm mortars, it can be customized for other munitions.

Taiwan has also delivered 10 EVOLVE 2 reconnaissance VTOL drones and AR 15 rifle parts to Ukraine, according to Oryx, which has been tracking weapons supply and damage in the Ukraine war. 

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