ThirdEye Gen to Deliver Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Solutions for US Navy, Marines

Tech firm ThirdEye Gen has received a contract to deliver augmented reality and artificial intelligence (AR/AI) solutions to support US Navy and Marine Corps aviation maintenance operations.

According to ThirdEye, AR/AI platforms can yield up to a 40 percent increase in operating efficiencies.

The firm claims the solutions could also eliminate millions of tons of carbon emissions from travel by using holograms and related AI software.

Once delivered, the technologies are expected to “improve and streamline” naval and marine aviation maintenance activities across US continental and overseas installations.

‘Revolutionizing’ Solutions

Under the program, ThirdEye will supply glasses and AR software applications that increase machine operability and reduce training timelines.

ThirdEye’s AR smart goggles. Photo: ThirdEye Gen via Twitter

The technologies use AI predictive analysis to project AR information about various materials and environments.

The service will also receive ThirdEye custom Security Technical Implementation Guides and Common Access Card reader technology to implement two-factor authentication over AR data.

“ThirdEye was founded on the belief that mixed reality and AI solutions could revolutionize our lives, from the way we work and consume news to how we defend our freedom and advance the cause for a more peaceful world,” ThirdEye CEO Nick Cherukuri stated.

“We take pride in supporting the men and women in uniform both domestically and internationally, and we hope to continue delivering innovative technologies for many years to come.”

ThirdEye said the solutions were validated by the US government and have been delivered under other Department of Defense contracts.

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