The US Department of Defense has selected Torch.AI to provide software for its new cyber security analysis capability, System for Insider Threat Hindrance (SITH).

Torch.AI will provide its NEXUS software platform, powered by a machine learning algorithm that rapidly connects to a database and any source system without human intervention.

With the software, SITH “dramatically increases the quality and availability of information used to detect threats by fusing disparate, complex government and commercial datasets and automating key tasks with advanced machine learning,” the company wrote.

Furthermore, by using NEXUS, the government’s SITH infrastructure would avoid unwanted migrations and duplications of data and other constraints during data integration processes that slow down information analysis.

It connects to where the data resides and integrates new cyber information quickly through flexible data mesh without disrupting the agency’s ongoing missions.

About SITH

Developed in partnership with the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA), the SITH infrastructure is intended to enhance operations by adopting data, calculating analytics, and even generating decisions straight from the boardroom to an active warzone.

The DCSA also caters to over 100 federal agencies and 10,000 commercial enterprises with the platform. The insider framework is utilized in about 2 million background investigations each year.

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