Two US Firms to Develop Mixed Reality Apache Trainer

Two US technology firms will collaborate to develop a “modern and comprehensive” training solution for the US Apache multi-role attack helicopter.

Nevada-based Vrgineers and DigiFlight will jointly produce the Advanced Mixed Reality Apache Trainer (AMRAT) to accelerate pilot training by blending the physical and digital worlds.

Integrating high-fidelity mixed reality solutions will reduce the hours required to train pilots.

It would also significantly improve the safety of military aircrew in various training tasks.

“We strongly feel that by combining our skills, we are able to deliver a training device capable of supporting Apache training tasks including individual and crew skills, preparing them to operate in any environment, fulfilling critical mission requirements,” Vrgineer chief executive officer Marek Polcak explained.

Seamless Mixed Reality Environment

The AMRAT will be based on a proprietary portable platform designed by Vrgineers for the US Air Force.

The trainer provides an immersive, realistic experience without expensive visual display systems or complicated support systems.

It also has two separate crew stations for the pilot and co-pilot, but the switches, panels, flight instruments, and displays are interconnected.

The AMRAT is supported by immersive flight simulator software and an integrated virtual reality image generator.

“The possibility to conduct a seamless mixed reality environment with a portable haptic flight seat run by a true-to-life simulation engine ensures the pilot’s proficiency, but most importantly delivers the sensation of a unique and genuine experience encompassing complex operational scenarios,” ED Mission Systems director Matthias Techmanski said.

“This enables our users to save time and effort along with minimizing the cost of training infrastructure and related running hours.”

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