The Ukrainian military has taken delivery of an initial batch of 50 Kirpi armored vehicles from Turkey, state-run news outlet Ukrinform has announced.

In a Facebook post, Ukrainian troops said the delivery reflects the commitment of Kyiv’s foreign partners to support its soldiers.

According to them, it also means that the “whole world” wants Ukraine to win against Russian forces.

Ukrainian Parliamentarian Yuriy Mysiahin revealed that the armored vehicles are equipped with high-powered machine guns that can turn 360 degrees.

The Kirpi can also carry up to 12 military personnel.

Additional Features

Developed by Turkish military vehicle manufacturer BMC, the Kirpi is a 4×4 armored vehicle that provides a “superior level” of protection against armor-piercing rounds, mines, and other explosive devices.

It can be fitted with an M2HB machine gun, MK19 automatic grenade launcher, and a remote-controlled weapon station.

The Kirpi is also equipped with a self-recovery winch, intercom system, shot fire location tracking system, and an automatic fire extinguishing system.

With a total weight of 19,050 kilograms (41,998 pounds), the armored vehicle can travel up to 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour with a range up to 750 kilometers (466 miles).

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