The US Marine Corps has successfully conducted the shore-to-ship transport of a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) using a CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter.

During the drill, the transport aircraft lifted the JLTV from a beach in Japan and proceeded to the USS Miguel Keith to drop off the armored vehicle.

The CH-53E then proceeded back to the pick-up location after conducting multiple lifts aboard the USS Miguel Keith, simulating the establishment of an advanced expeditionary base in the middle of the sea.

“[The Combat Logistics Battalion of the US Marine Corps] is focused on challenging and realistic training that employs expeditionary advanced base logistical resupply and prepositioning of critical equipment,” commanding officer Matthew Verdin said in a press release.

The exercise marked the first time a Marine Corps JLTV was moved from shore to ship by air.

‘A Crucial Step’

CH-53E pilot Capt. Tyler J. Hopping said that the recently concluded heavy lift drill provided an opportunity for soldiers to move combat vehicles and weapon systems to and from advanced bases.

The aircraft also reportedly demonstrated its unique ability to get military systems to inaccessible locations.

The US Marine Corps stated that the training served as a “crucial step” in further integrating elements of the Marine Expeditionary Unit.

A CH-53E Super Stallion aircraft transporting a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle to the USS Miguel Keith. Photo: Lance Cpl. Kira Ducato/US Marines

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